Below is a selection of essays written by Emily Sinclair during her time at university and beyond. The reproduction of all or any part of these essays is subject to approval from the author. Essays must be correctly cited if referenced or used in any way for research or educational purposes.


Sinclair, E. ” An affair with Edouard Manet ” 2012

Sinclair, E ” The faceless man takes the prize “, Review, 2012

Sinclair, E. ” Christian Marclay’s The Clock “, Review, 2012

Sinclair, E. ” Crime and Death?“, Catalogue Essay, 2012

Sinclair, E. ” JMW Turner “, Writing Exercise, 2012

Sinclair, E. ” Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW “, Comparative Study, 2012

Sinclair, E. ” Walter Benjamin’s Aura “, Essay, 2011

Sinclair, E. ” 12th Istanbul Biennale 2011 “, Essay, 2011


Sinclair, E. “Decolonisation and the International System“, Essay, 2010

Sinclair, E. “Settler Colonies“, Essay, 2010

© Emily Sinclair 2013

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